NEW: Turfgrass Insect Pest Tracking Maps

Japanese beetle adults in trap

Starting Summer 2022, we are operating a network of collaborators across the state to help monitor for key turfgrass insect pests. This year, we will be focusing on fall armyworms, Japanese beetles and black cutworms. Adult (moths and beetles) traps are placed at each location and marked with a pin icon on the appropriate Pest Tracking Map (click on link to see map). Pins in green indicate the insect has not yet been found at that tracking location during the 2022 season and pins in blue indicate the insect has been found at that location. As of this morning, Japanese beetles (JBs) are leading the charge and have been found at four different sites. This is a little early for JB activity in North Carolina but adult numbers are still quite low. For preventive grub applications, you ideally want to apply chemical control around peak adult flight, which should still be another 2-3 weeks. We will keep you posted on when we hit that point both on NC Turf Bugs and on Turffiles.