Pitfall Traps

Pitfall traps are used to monitor any turfgrass insect, as well as other arthropods, crawling on the turfgrass surface. The insects fall into the trap and are unable to crawl up the slick plastic sides.

How to assemble a pitfall trap:

Step 1. Use a standard golf course cup cutter to remove a core of turfgrass in area to be monitored.

Step 2. Place a cup or container of the same diameter and depth in the hole made by the removed core.

Step 3. Be sure that the lip of the cup is flush with the soil surface.

Step 4. Place two sod staples, equidistant from each other, over the lip of the cup. This will allow you to mow directly over the cup without damaging the equipment or the cup.

Step 5. Check the cup as frequently as you like. To achieve a better understanding of the insect populations on the course, install multiple pitfall traps in one area.

The following insects can be monitored with pitfall traps:

Pitfall Trap installation, Step 4