Treatment for Grass Sod

Approved treatments for the various categories of regulated articles are contained in the chart below. Specific information on approved treatments for nursery stock in containers can be found on the NCDA website under “Approved Treatments > Grass Sod: Greenhouse-Grown Plants: Blueberries and Other Fruit and Nut Nursery Stock: Soil Samples”. Please note greenhouse-grown plants are certifiable without insecticidal treatment if the inspector determines that the greenhouse is constructed of fiberglass, glass, or plastic in such a way that IFA are physically excluded and cannot become established within the enclosure. Slat houses, shade houses, or open greenhouses do not qualify as physical barriers. Plants grown in these structures must be treated with an approved insecticide before they can be certified for movement.

Pesticide Formulation lb ai / acre per application Total no. applications 1 week apart Total lb ai/acre Exposure Period Certification Period
Bifenthrin EC 0.2 2 0.4 28 days 16 weeks
Chlorpyrifos EC, WP 8 1 8 2 days 6 weeks
Fipronil G 0.0125 2 0.025 30 days 20 weeks