Sticky Card Sampling

Sticky cards are the best method for monitoring small, flying insects as well as non-destructive monitoring of insects that are active on the soil surface. Sticky cards can be purchased in bulk from a number of online retailers (search: insect sticky cards) or assembled at home using a yellow, laminated piece of cardstock and a strong adhesive.

How to assemble a sticky card trap:

Step 1. Remove a sticky card from its packaging and place on a stake either flush with the turf canopy or near ornamentals where insects are a concern.

Step 2. If the sticky card does not contain a grid, draw a simple grid that splits the card into 12 different boxes to make counting easier.

Step 3. Sticky cards should be monitored weekly to track trends in population development. Because dirt and debris will quickly accumulate on the cards, do not place them in high traffic areas.

Sticky Trap Installation, Soil Surface/Barrier
Sticky Card Installation, Mounted

The following insects can be monitored with sticky cards:

  • Any arthropod crawling along the soil surface
  • Flying insect pests