Pheromone Traps

How to assemble a pheromone trap:

Step 1. Assemble the pheromone trap by screwing the 4-inch-diameter (10-centimeter) bucket into the yellow, winged top.

Step 2. Attach either a pheromone capsule or a pheromone-soaked cotton swab to the top crux of the wings at the very top of the trap.

Step 3. Hang the trap by its handle on a metal post or nail. Be sure to replace the lure frequently, particularly when there is more than ½ inch (1.27 centimeters) of rainfall.

Note. Pheromone traps can attract a variety of insects. Only place pheromone traps during the time of the year you anticipate your target insect’s activity.

The following insects can be monitored with pheromone traps: