Warm Spring 2020 Notes by Dr. Brandenburg

This spring has been a warm one and the NPN Visualization Tool (below) shows just how warm. If forecasts are accurate, we will be 25 days ahead of schedule (degree day accumulations base 50°F) by Saturday March 21. That’s a 25 day advancement in the first 80 days of 2020. This is remarkable and will be the earliest spring on record.

So what does this mean for pest problems in 2020?  Great question and we do not have the answer yet, but it should act as a warning to be on the lookout. Keep in mind that it is still very early and a cold April could bring things back to “normal” very quickly.

From an insect perspective, I do not anticipate seeing most pests showing up a month early. I do know that cutworms, and most likely annual bluegrass weevils, did get a head start this year.  We will try to keep you updated on pest occurrence to make sure no one gets caught off guard, but to be safe, start looking a bit earlier than normal.